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We are still facing resistance from my family but after overcoming the adversities we are a stronger couple.—I would just say one thing, I am really glad that I found my match, from the places I least expected. We are so flawed individually, but together, is a perfect balance.

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Profiles are kept concise, with Yumio requesting a photo image, date of birth, location and optional ‘about me’ section.

To start browsing for potential matches users select preferred distance range, age and gender.

Tinderaapa (the verb) was very prevalent in the circles around me and I clearly knew — that’s the road I didn’t want to trod. It was almost like a startup pitch that he gave me and like a conservative indecisive investor, I threw all doubts and apprehensions. We were scared about the meeting and were laying the field for a peaceful meeting.

Having struck a deal of 1 week trial experience, I downloaded the App. We shared our Whats app numbers and continued talking. May, 2015After months of messaging and telephonic conversations, it was time to meet. He is a Punjabi guy and I am a Gujarati girl (yeah, such a anti-thesis of each other).

To browse potential matches users simply flick through profiles and anonymously decide whether or not they’d like to take things further.