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Perhaps the most common way to sabotage a relationship in stage two is for a woman to give too much, too soon, sexually.

When a man's interest wanes, a woman may hope that she can regain his interest by fulfilling all of his desires.

A woman can best move through the stage of uncertainty if she can enjoy a man's advances without feeling obligated.

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They unknowingly sabotage the potential for having a great relationship before it even gets off the ground.

Men and women both make mistakes during this stage that ruin their chances of creating a real relationship.

This power struggle must take place and leads to the question: Can I be me and still be in this relationship? Recommitment to marriage or permanence and to your partner as the chosen one.

This takes place only after each partner has determined they can be who they are and be in a permanent commitment.

In stage two, men tend to sabotage relationships in the following ways: Even though she makes him happy!


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