Another tv comic is dating a staffer

The contestants' sexy banter and its "flower power"-motif studio set were a revolution for the game show genre.

The show would air for eleven of the next fifteen years and be revived twice in the 1980s and 1990s.

Barris' jokey, bumbling personality; his accentuated hand-clapping between sentences (which eventually had the studio audience joining in with him); and his catchphrases (he would usually go into commercial break with, "We'll be right back with more er...

STUFF...", occasionally paired with shifting his head to reveal the ubiquitous sign behind the stage reading simply "STUFF," and "This is me saying 'bye'" was one of his favorite closing lines) were the antithesis of the smooth TV host (such as Gary Owens, who hosted the syndicated version in its first season).

The somewhat shy Barris rarely appeared on camera, though he once dashed onto the set of The New Treasure Hunt to throw a pie at emcee Geoff Edwards.

However, Barris became a public figure in 1976 when he produced and served as the host of the talent contest spoof The Gong Show, which he packaged in partnership with TV producer Chris Bearde.

This left Barris with only one show, his weekly syndicated effort The New Treasure Hunt.