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It’s a very difficult job, and I have a lot of respect for people who do it, because I did it for two or three years, off and on. Things make her very happy, very easily, which is great. About Kate O'Hare Social-media manager for Catholic production company Family Theater Productions; pop-culture addict; recovering entertainment journalist.

Just because “American Idol” is happening doesn’t mean that life doesn’t go on for the contestants. It’s a great personality trait that I admire, and I would like to be more like her in that way. Her fiance is really cool, really nice guy, I’m happy for you.

Thank you ‘American Idol.’” She joked about getting “hot” and being happy she got to “share the stage with this hottie.” Bourg was visibly flattered and perhaps a little thrown by her flirting.

He piped in, “Gosh, now my hands are slowly sweating.” The pair did a very sweet rendition of Alaina’s version of Lee Ann Womack’s enduring anthem “I hope you dance.” Bourg’s soft tone was overshadowed by Alaina’s powerhouse vocals.

After last night's episode, Baylie, a 21-year-old Texan beauty, performed alongside 11 other female contestants for one of the top 12 spots.