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Bada and his colleagues studied the eye lenses of 48 bowhead whale carcasses harvested between 19.

The proteins in each lens nucleus were acid hydrolyzed into free amino acids, which were then derivatized.

By conducting aspartic acid racemization measurements using an HPLC/fluorescence detection method, Bada analyzed the bowhead’s eye lenses to estimate the whale’s age at the time of death (2).

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The longer the racemization process continues, the closer to 1 the ratio between the D- and L-forms becomes.

This ratio allows chemists to approximate a birth date of a bowhead whale by estimating how long it has been since the first layer in the eye lens formed.

Following this analysis, Bada turned over the results of the chromatography measurements to Judith Zeh, a statistician at the University of Washington in Seattle, to estimate the ages of the bowhead whales.

Using a racemization rate of 1.18 × 10/year, she calculated that four whales were more than 100 years old, and one was estimated to be 211 years old.

Currently, these techniques are used to estimate the age of fossils, determine the life span of bowhead whales, and detect evidence of extraterrestrial life.