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I played what I had on the phone, and it could've gone either way. If she doesn't want to work on it with me, I'm gonna have some fun in New York for a couple of days. She's a seriously trained classical musician, trained vocalist. We gotta work together." And then this was the song. I know that immediately after the Oscar nominations, Linda Perry had offered some critiques on Gaga's involvement... Let's let the drama stay where the drama is buried.

It could've been something too personal or she didn't wanna get near it, or it could've been something that touched her. I still didn't know if she was doing it or would be involved. If not, this is gonna be the best thing I've been a part of." Fortunately it turned out to be that. She has the goods underneath all the crazy Gaga stuff, which makes her Gaga as well, which is awesome. If you can give me somebody in the current pop landscape that can do that, let me know. I was nominated a year ago for a song I did for a movie called with Rita Ora, and it lost. She'd already made this beautiful, stunning record a few weeks before that. It's about what the song is doing and the message of it and how it's helping so many people and how positive it is. How did you get involved with the and writing the song for the documentary?

" And of course the cameras were off because they don't give a fuck about you at this point. Not to be cliché, it's still pretty fucking great to be nominated. She'll make me more weird, and I'll make her less weird.

I mean, think of how many songs come out in a year. Even though I'm probably more weird than she is, if that makes sense.

We're not victims." That's pretty powerful. Yeah, the intent of the song is clear but also extremely malleable... With any song I write, I want it to be whatever you want it to be about, you know? When you talk about songs that have different meanings, here's a song Michelle Pfeiffer was singing to Robert Redford's character who'd passed away. Songs have all these lives and become what you never thought it would be.