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But there are some issues here for the online dating industry – the numbers visiting dating sites have flat-lined over the past two years.

Tinder might not be No.1 now but there’s clear opportunity for expansion.

Drawing on Global Web Index’s latest wave of research, here we take an in-depth look at the app to tell you 5 things to know about Tinder.

As yet, it’s only 1% of internet users globally who are using Tinder on a monthly basis.

Apparently, dudes get shut down left and right, and women get winked and emailed to death. Your idea of a first email opening line: “Hello, thank you for checking out my profile,” “Might I say, you are an exceedingly beautiful young lady,” “What u doin rieght now wanna chat im sloppysoupsales on AOL.” Russ Ruggles, who runs Online Dating, recommends the “one-line hook.” Pick something specific in our profile and respond to it in an interesting, engaged way. Researching how to get a date online, thinking through your email, and, for the love of God, proofreading it are all well and good, but we are romantics at heart, and we’re looking for a spark.


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