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And at the moment I think that players are kind of coming back to the analogue world - or at least to digital effects that are more analogue-like.

That's the trend, for me."What about the current rise in retro multi-effects, such as T-Rex's Soul Mate or the three-in-one Tone Tattoo pedal by Electro-Harmonix.

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Founded as MXR Innovations in 1974 in Rochester, New York, by audio techs Keith Barr and Terry Sherwood, the firm's colourful enclosures housed tones that would remodel the sonic landscape of guitar.

From Larry Carlton's smooth, creamy solos with a Dyna Comp compressor to Van Halen's celebrated use of the Phase 90 to add movement and swirl to high-gain tones, MXR effects were arguably the pedal sound of the 70s.

When I started Way Huge Electronics in 1992, I used MXR as the role model.

To be honest, I was more excited by the prospect of developing new MXR pedals than I was about resurrecting Way Huge," he adds with a grin.

Feels like I'm plugging straight into the amp, even with a medium/big-sized pedalboard. Phase 90 has suddenly become the single most important pedal on my pedalboard. Granted, I don't engage this pedal very often, but it definitely provides that vintage phase tone when needed. Block cuts higher bell tones of my strat & boosts sound up with artificial swoosh sound/ more noise too. Delivers subtle yet present sweep allowing true tone thru. Very warm and subtle--adds so much when playing lead.