American dating israeli men

A few years ago, Koron left his job in the world of sales to master the art of relating to and attracting women and to spread the art in Israel.

I met with Tomer when I visited Tel Aviv this past summer, and over e-mail, he discussed (in Hebrew) the differences between the ways American guys and girls “pick up” and like to be “picked up.” Here’s the translation: How are Israeli women different to “pick up” than American girls?

Basic actions like waiting by the car door when a man picks a girl up for a date; opening the car door or entrance; making restaurant reservations in advance; and sometimes even paying for the entire first date(!

) are not part of the dating routine of Israeli men, much to the frustration of many Israeli women.

Spending 3 years in the army also helps them mature earlier – well, most of them anyway…Like most men, sports is a BIG thing with Israeli guys! Click below to see what other visitors have submitted...