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I met a number of very nice ladies through Twos Company, but did not find the chemistry I was looking for!

However on my second tour as it were, on my first date I met my current partner!

We are both very happy together, and I can only thank Twos Company for bringing us together. We're planning to have the wedding in July next year and we can't thank you enough for all your help. All the best, have a lovely Christmas.""I want to thank Twos Company for never giving up on me.

Having been burned in the past I was very sceptical, but agreed to meet.

He explained the services your company provides, re-assured me and made me feel at ease with my decision to join.

May your organisation grow in abundance and here’s to more love and sunshine to all who join with you. I joined twos company in 2013 very nervous at meeting someone. 2nd person I wasn't sure but you said give it a chance as he is probably as nervous as you, well I did and we are getting married this Saturday.

I found my best & love of my life with twos company.

Wonderful to tell you that we are so happy you introduced us.