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She eventually created a Xylok-based computer named Mr. These adventures lead her to take on her very own companions, forming a surrogate family; this group consisted of her adopted children of alien origins Luke and Sky, and her young neighbours, Maria, Clyde and Rani.Each had skills that helped Sarah in her adventures.

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After returning to her aunt, they walked by the junkyard and she caught a glimpse of a young girl entering it.

(PROSE: Playtime) In 1964, Sarah had already decided to become an explorer, a famous scientist or a journalist. She wanted to see everything there was to see and more. Sarah thought she was such a good student because she kept reading books like An Unexpurgated History of the Universe. ) On 13 July 1964, Sarah was on a school outing with Andrea, who slipped off a pier to her death.

Sarah replied that she would publish the story, as a good journalist always had to reveal the truth.

She said she would not care about the consequences.

Even though Sarah never regained her memories, she saw several photos of her and Lavina's time in Wolfenden from Eddison.