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We couldn’t resist looking more into sad products that are marketed towards women. That thing looks seriously uncomfortable, not to mention, what if it falls out? Wouldn’t people be able to tell that you have something odd in your mouth? And honestly, why do you think onesies are normally on babies? The Kush Support actually looks ten times more uncomfortable than anything else. I don’t care if he comes with hipster glasses and a giant Hershey’s Kiss doll (??

So, here are 15 things that we can’t believe are really for sale. Because tiny, adorable humans are the only ones who can pull them off! Shirt There is nothing wrong with being proud of being single – or being single, for that matter. TV is meant to be watched on your couch or in your bed – NOT when you’re in public, and not when it basically blinds you at the same time. and if anyone ever knew you were wearing them, you’d probably get a lot of weird looks. Can someone explain to me how this actually stays in place?

And I definitely don’t need a half-body of a fake dude to snuggle with. If I ever saw this on a friend’s bed, I’d have to start an intervention. And when you really think about it, aren’t socks pretty much underwear for your feet? Ice Cream Cone Rotator You know when you’re feeling sad, eating ice cream, and wishing it would move into your mouth on it’s own so you literally didn’t have to do any work? This has to be one of the laziest products ever, hands down.

Feet Underwear I have no words for this underwear for your feet. It actually rotates your ice cream for you so that all you have to do is open your mouth and enjoy.

Then I realized that digital was going to be the way of things, and so I started work doing web, and then very shortly after that realized that apps were going to take over web, so I switched to mobile design.


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