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Certainly appealling to voyeuristic tendencies, the site offers an interesting combination of features which could easily fit with online dating sites.Indeed, efforts at monetization have included charging for the ability to give “premium” ratings to photos and virtual roses and other gifts.

Interestingly, Facebook lags badly behind its Russian competitors at 3 average daily minutes on site.

Anecdotally, this could be a result of a large number of Russian users arriving at Facebook by accident, after clicking a “Like” button on another site.

He is the main financial backer of Digital Sky Technologies, which owns a big share of v Kontakte, the majority of (Odnoklassniki and Moi Mir) and significant minority interests in US-based Facebook and Twitter.

AND, surprise-surprise, Live Journal was bought in 2007 by SUP Media, a Russian company jointly controlled by Alexander Mamut and… The global tentacles reach out to Groupon, Spotify and Zynga as well.

Reach and engagement: 10.7 million users (24.7% of the Russian online population), 3 minutes average daily duration (Source: TNS-Aug 2011).