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21 (b) The policy, training, notices, and instruction shall include 22 (1) age-appropriate information; 23 (2) information explaining that "dating violence and abuse" means a 24 pattern of behavior in which one person threatens to use, or actually uses, physical, 25 sexual, verbal, emotional, or psychological abuse to control the person's dating 26 partner; 27 (3) the warning signs of dating violence and abusive behavior; 28 (4) characteristics of healthy relationships; 29 (5) measures to prevent and stop dating violence and abuse; 30 (6) community resources available to victims of dating violence and 31 abuse; and 01 (7) a procedure allowing a student to be excused from participating in 02 training or from receiving notices under this section at the written request of a parent 03 or guardian of the student, or of the student if the student is emancipated or 18 years of 04 age or older.

05 (c) In this section, "school district" has the meaning given in AS .

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