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Everybody around the world knows what comics are funny, heroic and sometimes sarcastic stories in pictures.

These illustrated stories became popular by the mid-20th century in the USA, Western Europe, and Japan.

Comicsdating com

Those issues left a lot for Marvel to address with the film, which had to be modernized.

After all, what passed as acceptable in 1960 doesn't necessarily fit the bill in 2016.

“You’ll notice that she’s often single and happy about it, though she’s occasionally on the prowl, and sometimes in a relationship.

Heatie Jeebies | Bart the Magnificent | Window of Opportunity | The Trial of Maggie Simpson | Easy Writer | Li'l Krusty 1 | Attack of the 50-Foot Maggie Li'l Krusty 2 | No Such Thing As a Free Comic | Bart Hears a What?

The term originates from the English word ‘comic’ and can be understood without translation in every nook of the earth.