Sedating a bear

I’m taking Valerian root capsules because I have sleeping problems.

sedating a bear-53

I have use valerian after a drinking session to aid me in sleep and have never had problems.

Of course, you wouldn't want to drive on this combo.

If it's been less than 4 hours and I want to drink, I'll have, at most, 3-4 beers (about half of what I would drink on a regular drinking night). I had an especially relaxing experience after taking one valerian root, drinking 2 beers and smoking half a bowl of cannabis.

If I've taken Valerian root in the morning, 1 capsule, at night I will usually drink 5-6 beers with no problem. If you like feeling relaxed when drinking, you'll like the combination.

I would play it safe with the drug as depressants usually play with the liver and not drink. I have also used melatonin and kava with good results as well.