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The Supreme Command for Jihad and Liberation is made up of 23 resistance groups.The coalition is led by a Sufi Muslim group – "The Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order." Ad-Douri is said to have ascribed to Sufism, a mystical form of Islam, in his later years.

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Aircraft carriers that are building aircraft can no longer be attacked by Interceptors or Air Superiority Fighters. Children of children will now die correctly when Czar/Atlantis dies. Engineers will no longer assist a shield generator if the shield has been destroyed. Fixed issue that prevented players from moving the cursor to lower third of screen.

They will now wait until the shield comes back up before assisting Strategic Missile Launchers will no longer play the 'Strategic Launch Detected' voice if you simply select a spot to nuke. Fixed exploit that let players permanently move the CDR off map.

the second game refers to them as Aeon or Illuminite, depending on who is speaking.

Gaspowered games is a thing of the past, and I want to patch my original release Supreme Commander...

Is that all that’s […] To the the readers loyal enough to Sup Com Talk to still be checking to updates to this very day: Rejoice! GPG proved that they will listen to their customers and fans!