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he told my aunt he would pick me up at 4 to go to a publishing house (that published his book of drawings). he came for dinner that night, and didn't say anything about it (and i didn't want to bring it up, since we hadn't seen each other in seven years). kayvon the irrational whiner says: that's not fair. it wasn't the sites, but rather the conversations with old man who ears had grown big and hairy. aunt nezzie came in and saw it and asked, "who is that? [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: ooh, lar-lar [31-10-13 ] Lara: if youre here on monday you should go to gamelan to de-stress. irish coffee [31-10-13 ] Lara: but i dont know yet if we can pick a date when most pp can come. [31-10-13 ] Lara: i turned the heater on just now, start of winter... i'll go to two offices on sat, and possibly be able to get my visa stamped sunday. [31-10-13 ] Lara: wow is internet slow everywhere in the country? [31-10-13 ] Lara: someone told me kids set up tents and make out in tents, and the police isnt allowed to enter the tent for some official reason because the tent can be considered a home or something [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: the truth is, they didn't have to go to all that trouble.

[23-10-13 ] Kayvon: he's done this before, and not just to me. [23-10-13 ] Kayvon: i think it will naturally lower when i'm dead. [29-10-13 ] Lara: old pp = cute [29-10-13 ] Lara: i have to go to bathroom.. [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (poop [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (poop) [29-10-13 ] Lara: and clara is expecting you at gamelan [29-10-13 ] Lara: (music) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: yes, i will get out of bed only for gameland [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: gamelan(d) [29-10-13 ] Lara: well i did compile a little list for us to do. minutes [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (hot) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (pepper) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (hotpepper) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (chili) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (smokin) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: (smoking) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: you're(smoking) [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: done poopin" [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: ? it just sucks that i can't book my ticket till the last minute. :$ [31-10-13 ] Lara: i thought it would fall out from stress [31-10-13 ] Lara: i wrote katy about your ordeal and wrote her that you might go to the free world sunday [31-10-13 ] Lara: or monday i mean [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: thank you for doing that. here the clock changed already, so it's an hour ealrier [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: fo-sho. the pegasus flight leaves tehran at am and arrives a'dam . the book is called max havelaar, and the fair trade label in holland has the same name, as a homage [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: oh, yeah. [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: (rock) [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: (lalala) = lalala [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: that's you! at least, despite your iranian passport you are still part of the Greatest Nation on Earth. [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: i checked the forecast for a'dam, and saw that it's cold. [31-10-13 ] Lara: arent the offices also open saturday? (fingerscrossed) [31-10-13 ] Lara: you should watch this video with your fam. v=-qrl DGho I1Q [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: it just takes a long time to stream video. [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: my aunt says the authorities control bandwidth in order to make it difficult to stream media, but i actually think they are just too cheap to pay for faster internet. [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: wtf (wtf) [31-10-13 ] Lara: ohhhhhh not true [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: (headbang) [31-10-13 ] Lara: you look like an older eligble bachelor [31-10-13 ] Kayvon: hmm. today, nezzie and i saw a group of six "girls" heading into the park across from her house. boys and girls are hanging out in the park all the time (these days).

tomorrow i have to go to three different offices in three different parts of the city, and hopefully i will able to get an exit visa before my flight on friday. the icing on the cake of this fucking trip to iran. i can't read farsi, and finding your "rights" written down in Iran would certainly present a challenge. i m going to the unemplyemnt office again tmorw and they ask a lot of documents...

unfortunately, the day after i arrived in yazd, my aunt called with some news. [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: apparently, my mom forgot that i need an exit visa from iran (because i'm still eligible for mandatory military service). i spent several hours in various offices today, but still didn't sort it out. [29-10-13 ] Lara: so every iranian with another naitonality could get this exemption stamp? [29-10-13 ] Lara: i think yuo should read your rights before you go to all these offices, they might want to brush you off [29-10-13 ] Kayvon: in what language would i do that?

my mom's cousin, ali, whom you've me, is coming over with my uncle.

he was in the country to deal with some property that his dad left for the kids.

i've been trying to send you a small pic for the last two minutes. [02-11-13 ] Kayvon: today i went made a total of four trips to three different offices in completely different parts of town. [02-11-13 ] Kayvon: i left home at 6, and return just half an hour ago. [02-11-13 ] Kayvon: not even a cup of tea :( [02-11-13 ] Kayvon: i'm trying to be patient, and just let this thing take its course, but it's really hard.