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In the following days, he made it clear that he wanted to continue to see me and I realized his strategy would be to woo me with his money.

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” After some thought, I told my co-worker Lance I was getting divorced, and he responded by asking me out for drinks. I agreed, then tossed in the stipulation that I wanted to wait until my divorce was final.

We flirted for the next six months of my separation, during which time I concocted a plan to let him take me out on a few dates – just for practice, since it had been so long since my last first date.

When I realized we didn’t have as much chemistry as I had hoped, he sensed this and let me off easy, telling me he understood if I wasn’t ready for a relationship only a few months post-divorce.

Billy and I had emailed for about six weeks before we had our first date.

He was smart, interesting, and fun – and a great kisser to boot – and I really didn’t mind that he wasn’t quite as good looking as his profile picture suggested.