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As of the last count, it contained: nine restaurants, six bars, three massage parlours, six tailors, an internet café, a drinks shop and a souvenir shop.

Notable places include the Stockholm Syndrome Bar & Restaurant, Boogaloo Bar and Da Mario Italian Restaurant. Sometimes also known as "Soi Absolute" because of the Absolute Bangla Suites located right at the end, Soi Viking was originally named after the long-gone Viking Restaurant and Bar.

The street even has a back entrance to Tiger Bar, boasting the same extravagant frontage as the famous Bangla Road nightclub complex's main entrance.

You will also find some tailor shops, guesthouses and a shisha bar. Widely referred to as "Soi Toilet" (or the Thai translation: "Soi Hong Nam"), this narrow covered alley is a treasure trove of local food vendors.

There is a back entrance, which leads to the KEE Resort and convenient underground parking (for a small fee), but it means running a gauntlet of determined touts to reach Bangla Road.


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