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I went to wait at nearby shooter bar and was thinking about every single outcome of what would happen if I manned up and tried to hit up that cute brunette a few spaces down from me when suddenly a cougar came shuffling out of the crowd and grinded my knee practically all the way up into her never used womb while shouting in my ear, “What are we drinking cutie?!” In real life I’m actually fairly nice, so I spared her rejection with a lie, telling her that, “I’m here with my fiancée,” instead of laughing her wrinkly, deluded ass away from me as I should have.

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More and more men are discovering the fundamental truth: unmarried women past 30 are bizarre. They are not worth any effort or attention what so ever.

Meeting a woman after she’s 30 and deciding to marry her is like betting everything on black at a roulette table with thirty-five red spaces – and even if you hit black it only pays out 5% of your bet. Even casual internet users have invariably stumbled on a heading like that, or read a complaint in comment sections involving a similar theme.

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