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An introvert guy is not your typical 'I want to get into your pants tonight' kind of guy.And introvert girl is probably not the one to jump into bed on her first date either.Introverts generally have a beautiful knack of looking beyond the clothes and peering into their date's personality.

Think of a fun thing to do with your date which is within your comfort zone.

The whole idea is to feel at ease with your surroundings and enjoy the company of your date, rather than be in awe of the place you are at.

Just because some of the best selling magazines and sitcoms show the perfect romantic date as a meeting between a guy with a chiseled body and a girl with the looks of Cleopatra, doesn't mean your date is supposed to be like that too.

There is a team full of experts who tweak the models and actors' looks to make them look prettier and more glamorous than they actually are.

2) Avoid wearing clothes that you are not comfortable wearing Regardless of whether you really want to change your fashion IQ or your clothing style, trying new stuff out on your first date is not the best of ideas.


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