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This article is one of three companion articles about techniques that you can use to improve performance in Excel as you design and create worksheets.

For more information about how to improve performance in Excel, see In this article References and Links Minimizing the Used Range Allowing for Extra Data Lookups Array Formulas and SUMPRODUCT Using Functions Efficiently Faster VBA Macros Excel File Formats Performance and Size Workbook Opening, Closing, Saving, and Size Other Performance Optimizations Conclusion About the Authors Additional Resources Published: June 2010 Provided by: Charles Williams, Decision Models Limited │ Allison Bokone, Microsoft Corporation │ Chad Rothschiller, Microsoft Corporation │ About the Authors Contents To increase clarity and avoid errors, design your formulas so that they do not refer forward (to the right or below) to other formulas or cells.

Excel calculates circular references sheet by sheet without considering dependencies.

Therefore, you usually get slow calculation if your circular references span more than one worksheet.

If you have a complex calculation that depends on cells in the circular reference, it can be faster to isolate this into a separate closed workbook and open it for recalculation after the circular calculation has converged.


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