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He also ignores the egregious race-baiting that Ali typically used to taunt boxing rivals.At the height of his fame, Ali loved to portray himself as the true black man whose faithfulness to his race made him superior to other fighters.

But lots of people opposed the war and went to prison for their beliefs.

Ali, however, eventually won his case and was treated with much more deference than many other war resisters.

You won't see much of it in this new film, however, because in the sanitised factory of Hollywood myth-making only sweetness and light prevail.

Director Michael Mann downplays, for example, Ali the ruthless self-promoter, and glosses over the fighter's devotion to the thuggish cult leader Elijah Mohammad.

Four decades later, that jubilant kid - who soon remade himself as Muhammad Ali - is a quiet, seemingly gentle figure hobbled by Parkinson's disease and those afflictions common to old boxers who have taken one punch too many.