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These beautiful vessels that house the liquid scent come in a variety of differing ages, styles and condition.

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Since then, the company has, on a variety of occasions, been hired to produce crystal for royalty and heads of state, whether it was stemware for Charles X and Franklin Roosevelt or vodka glasses for Czar Nicholas II.

Not only was Baccarat's crystal gorgeous, it was also refractive, luminous, and heavy, thanks to its 32-percent lead content.

Modern perfume as we now know it was thought to have been elsewhere, namely in Hungary in the 14 C, it was not long before the art of creating scent spread through Europe, with France soon becoming the epicenter of the perfumery business.

The oldest known perfume bottles date back as far as Ancient Europe, and were made using stone in order to keep the intoxicating scent of perfume cool, they may have featured hand-carved sculptures of animals and human forms on these earlier containers.

For example, Baccarat glass and crystal from the 1870s reflect the influence at the time of Japanese design.