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If you get a cab driver that speaks English well...he'll help you out.

Try to avoid going to her "house."7) Try not to look and act like a tourist. LOl If I can me.would you want to stay overnight in TJ? I recommend checking it out of course but besides the whore houses a few cute lil' cafe's, some cheesy shopping and 1.00 corona's there isn't that much more... I'd park your car in CA and walk over, then go back and stay in the states.

Generally Mexico does have budget motels but always check the room first and make sure there is a decent lock on the door. Take your own water over there and be careful what you eat.

I wouldn't go down on any of their girls either the fact that they might have aids...

They speak good English, cabs are handy and no lines to get back to the US.lolol..