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Irresolvable conflicts often occur in intra-faith marriages as well.Although both spouses follow the same religion and revere the same religious text, their two denominations will often have different interpretations of important passages.

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Whatever religion they grow up with is liable to determine their faith for the rest of their life.

This can produce serious problems when two spouses come from different religious traditions: An inter-faith couple typically follows a pair of religions that teach very different beliefs and practices about deity, humanity and the rest of the universe. Many people believe that their religious beliefs were revealed by one or more Gods and/or Goddesses, and are thus absolutely true.

The Act banned marriages between “Europeans and non-Europeans”, which, in the language of the time, meant that white people could not marry people of other races.

The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act did not, however, prevent so-called Mixed Marriages between non-white people.

Referring to the case where one spouse abandons their religion and adopts their spouse's faith, he wrote in USA Today: "When you bury something that is really important to you, all you're doing is building up a kind of pressure within the family relationship, which becomes a source of tension, which ultimately becomes a time bomb.