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Before Schultz joined, the pastor from his previous church reached out to Calvary Christian Church.” “Calvary church officials were informed Schultz was a sex offender but were told they should allow him to join and that they could trust him, the spokesman said.” Just how church members and leaders should treat sex offenders seems to be a bit of a mystery to those from the upper echelons of the Catholic church to smaller, independent Christian churches.

While some leaders may want to put those with troubled pasts in positions of authority, that isn’t always the best or safest move.

News OK reported about the abuse timeline and how the victim stated she felt “brainwashed” by Schultz.

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How did he have access to a young girl for more than 16 months, and according to police reports, possibly abuse additional victims?

reported that the sex offender met the victim while volunteering as a Bible study teacher at Calvary Christian Church.

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So how did a convicted, registered sex offender end up volunteering as a Bible study teacher?

Do you come from a broken past and need some hope for a new day? ” Ever looked in the mirror and hated what you saw?