Cam sexwith no sign up - Enterprise library modified date and time not updating

Using rowversion with Enterprise Library Data Access Block for Optimistic Concurrency Control When developing any type of data intensive application you should always be aware of concurrency issues.

Neglecting this concept can result in lost data if two users are updating the same record at the same time.

But just to add After following above still we get error as "Error 3 'Oracle Database' is an ambiguous reference between 'Oracle.

The only way to return a result as far as i have seen in oracle is to use a ref cursor. But am a little bit confused from here onwards, the article then says:"Add the following into your web.config/app.config file on projects." But doesnt say what to add, presumably this is some added provider mapping tio the config file?

If you want to timestamp fields in a Web database, do not use these procedures.